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Love + Praise

Want to hear from writers who’ve been to paradise?

The retreat met and exceeded my expecations. I’m a new writer. I love the idea of writing, and I love story telling but I really thought I wasn’t a writer. Each day I could feel the progress during this retreat, and I feel that I’ve really grown. My writing has matured, and I have a solid plan and an idea of where I want to go with my writing project.  It’s been an amazing experience. I recommend this retreat for anyone no matter where you are in your writing. For brand new writers or if you’re almost finished, you’ll find the guidance you need.

Kathleen Evans

Leigh is my greatest cheerleader. She’s helped reignite my long-fizzled passion for writing a novel; now Leigh has already helped me find my way to a great story. The questions she asks about plot, characters and even the smallest scenic details encourage me to focus on the world I’m creating, clarify my intentions, and push myself as a writer. Having her in my editorial corner boosts my confidence and keeps me moving forward.

Melanie Wynne

I met my first, most important writing goal soon after returning from Nicaragua: I sent a thoroughly edited and polished version of the piece I wrote in Nicaragua to my writer’s group. 

There’s no way I would have accomplished this without Leigh’s support and encouragement to loosen up, to set goals, to keep goals, to finish and to let go, regardless of how much one’s house (Mine!) needs to be cleaned and how many other things there are to do and that need to get done! 

Beth Wenger

Leigh brings out my best writing and always has great ideas and makes useful suggestions. Leigh always wants ‘to know more,’ which makes me look at my writing in a different, more critical way and think how I can improve it.

Ana O’Reilly

Thanks for your incredible support. If it were not for you, this dream of mine would not be in the works. Your words of encouragement keep me going.  And keep the “what ifs” and “yets” in my head silenced!

Kathleen Evans

Leigh brings out my best writing and always has great ideas and makes useful suggestions. Leigh always wants ‘to know more,’ which makes me look at my writing in a different, more critical way and think how I can improve it.

Elizabeth Lamar

I’ve worked with Leigh as an assistant editor for MatadorNetwork.com since 2010, and her mentorship has guided me greatly in my writing career. I’m now a full-time freelance writer, and as a member of The Writer’s Process, I’ve found myself blessed with a community of supportive and like-minded writers to help me further my career. Thanks to Leigh, I’m writing for worldwide publications, and loving every second of it.

Candice Walsh

I loved the step by step process and approach and initial brainstorming Leigh uses to get started writing. It was a fantastic way to get me to focus on this for longer than a nanosecond. Also helps highlight how much potential content I have!!  

I also really liked how you made me feel ‘good’ about writing. What I mean is, now it feels less like a giant elephant in the room, and I’m actually excited to write – a major victory for me and one I’ve been battling for a long time!! Thank you so much for that!

Samantha Tyers

I always seem to find it such a hurdle to put into words what I want to say. My process for creating was always a bit sporadic to say the least. That was until I met Leigh.

She completely understood where I want to be and what I wanted to create. Leigh took me through her ‘magic process’ of  writing, and I was hooked. Looking at the bigger vision I have for my business, Leigh shared some fantastic resources and unique steps to move forward. I will definitely be joining her again.

Samantha Clarke

Leigh Shulman is far more than just a book coach, or a writing coach. She’s a LIFE coach, a HUMAN coach. And even a HUMANE coach. What I mean is that she helps you see the book that you’re trying to write, and helps you understand how you’re getting in your own way. Then she gently encourages to come out of your stuck place so that you can climb the perch from which you can fly. I knew that I had a great story, but I needed an outside hand to help me push through. I needed sensitivity – because I’m writing a memoir that includes my dealing with breast cancer, and like all of us, fighting my own demons. (Hey, don’t we all need sensitivity, whatever topic we’re tackling?) Leigh will cheerlead you on, with love, faith, and firmness when needed. Hiring her to help me was the best investment I made in myself this year! Go for it! 

Ruth Ebenstein

Leigh has a keen eye for dissecting a idea and narrowing it down to the heart of the story. Her thoughtful encouragement helped me push through my mental barriers about bringing my writing into the world. I would enthusiastically recommend Leigh to a writer at any stage of her journey!

elizabeth lamar

Leigh has been a key catalyst in my development as a writer and editor. She can see what you are trying to say even if you can’t. If you think you have nothing to say, she will help you to realize that you couldn’t be further from the truth. Leigh gives you the confidence to discover, play with and develop your own voice. 

Nick Rowlands

Leigh encourages us to write every week then helps us find ways to stretch and challenge ourselves. She’s helped me understand what is natural to my writing, and I’m learning different methods so that writing isn’t as much of a struggle. I improve every day and have reconnected with the pleasure of writing.

louise ware

I’m so lucky I got the chance to work with Leigh. At the beginning, I felt completely overwhelmed and underqualified to write a book. One hour later, I felt completely revitalized and confident in my own abilities. Leigh’s exercises and unique perspective will force you to confront your work (and your weaknesses), head-on, and I can’t recommend working with her enough. 

Ilana Gordon

In my time working with Leigh, I found her knowledge and support to be invaluable. She helped me set goals that pushed my boundaries, yet felt reasonable. I met every single one of my goals, whether that was income, pitching, or writing. She is positive and supportive and was always there to give me a boost if I started to feel discouraged. I recommend Leigh to other writers all the time—she’s an amazing coach!

Abbie Mood

The Creative Revolutions Yoga/Writing retreat was an extraordinary experience.  As a mom, and a nurse-midwife, I spend almost every second of my day taking care of other people. The retreat provided and opportunity to focus deeply on my writing, on my goals, on all the “someday when I have time” dreams that get pushed aside by the demands of everyday life.  Yoga every morning, wonderful meals I didn’t have to shop for or prepare, the support and encouragement of other women writers, and an amazing massage: It was heavenly to be the one taken care of for a while.  The workshops and the feedback from the other women gave me the courage and motivation to prepare and submit my writing for publication. The continuing support from Leigh and the community Creative Revolutions has created on-line keep me writing and submitting now that I am back home.

Jody Burke-Kaiser