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You have an amazing story inside of you!

You know it, don’t blush.

And it’s time (long past) to get those words flowing!

Don’t roll your eyes either.

I know that’s easier said than done! You’re a busy, ambitious lady who has work responsibilities, family responsibilities, relationship responsibilities, hell, even your dog is needy!

Don’t worry, I get it.

Tell me if any of this hits home?

  • You’re terrified you’re not good enough to write a book. (Take it from me: you are!)
  • No one in your life seems to support your bold writing dreams.
  • You just can’t seem to find the time or space to write. Everything and everyone else takes priority.
  • You’ve been working on your book for (what feels like) a billion years but never seem to finish.
  • OR…You have no idea how to even ‘effin start.

 But you know what?

If you sit around waiting for the ‘perfect’ time to start writing, it’s never going to happen. Just. Simple. Science.

I know it sucks to hear that, it sucks to tell you that, but it’s just so true.

 If you want to get that book done you need to…

  •  Create time where you can just focus on you, you’re writing, and perhaps take some for a massage.
  • Find an amazingly supportive group of writers who can help you craft your story, and hold you accountable as you continue on this journey.
  • Create a schedule where you can make writing a priority and are free to regularly write without distraction.
  • Know that you CAN write and SHOULD write. You have the talent, you have the skills, you ARE a writer! (I know that can be hard to admit!)
  • Just relax and take care of yourself a bit.

It is time

to take your writing seriously, invest time in you,
and carve out the space to get that book DONE.

This is exactly why I created

the most intensive + relaxing
writing retreat in paradise! (aka the world.)

What is Pen Paper Paradise?

It’s a 8 day, 7 night writer’s paradise where you escape to an exotic location, treat yourself like the literary genius you are, learn from intensive workshops, get a whole lotta writing done, and become part of your own writing community with 10 other amazing women writers.

Yep, you read that right. You will have 8 days with nothing to do but focus on yourself and your writing in your own private space. (Massages included!)

Praise from Paradise

Leigh’s retreat met and exceeded my expectations. I’m a new writer. I love the idea of writing, and I love storytelling, but I really thought I wasn’t a writer. Each day at the retreat, I could feel the progress during this retreat and I feel that I was growing. My writing has matured. Now, I have a solid plan and know where I want to go with the book I began at the retreat. It’s been an amazing experience.

Kathleen Evans

This sounds fantastic, right? You’re ready to hear more?

Discover all the details of our
upcoming retreats!


See You There?